Jeffrey Olson

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Jeffrey Olson
Residing At: Hood River, OR USA
Spouse/Partner: Judith, 49 years
Children: Patrick born 1969, Mark born 1971 and Timothy born 1974
Occupation: Retired from my first career with FDA at 51.
Military Service: Army, 25th Division, Vietnam  
Yes! Attending Reunion
Marital Status



Stefanie born 1995, Amanda born 1997, Nathan born 1998, Emily born 2001, Hailey born 2003 and Paul born 2010.



Previous school:

Jefferson grade school

Other Schooling:

Graduated with a BA from EWSC 1972; post grad studies at OSU, U of Wisconsin, Cornell, University of Utah, University of Rhode Island

School Story:

There were so many, always had a riot in class, so many characters: there was Rich Nelson, one of my contemporaries in bowling, Rich was the first in our group to get on TV, unfortunately he lost his match on "Pin Busters". In thinking back to those good old days, it's amazing that Spokane actually had a TV show on junior bowling! Harley Kolstad was a key member of our ten pin troupe, Harley in his Lincoln Continental, giving us rides to Silver Lanes. Harley, lovingly known as "Hakker", always had a testy career on the lanes, especially having difficulty with the tricky 7 pin. The LC bowling club certainly corrupted many of us. As an offshoot, Harley and I used to trek down to the Y after school to play pool, I got many a green hand from the chalk but never was any good at that game! My favorite motivational teacher was Mr. Miller, the exchange chemistry teacher from England, what a great sense of humor he had and he was an outstanding teacher, one of the best I've ever had. He had nick names for everybody in his class, I was "the undertaker" presumably because I was so serious, boy did I have him fooled! Anyway, he was such a good teacher that I selected chemistry as my major in college and barely lasted 2 terms before I came to the stark realization that chemistry was completely foreign to me, I had to select another major that was more "down to earth".

What have you been doing the last 10 years?

Retired from my first career in 1996 at the age of 51 as the senior investigator with the US Food & Drug Administration in Oregon. During my career I had the priviledge of inspecting just about every company you could imagine, it was a tremendous learning process for me as after I graduated from college I couldn't boil water! I finished out the last half of my career with FDA specializing in auditing new drug and medical device studies, that was absolutely fascinating! In 1993 I purchased and became the proprietor of Orchard Lanes, Hood River, OR, a 16 lane bowling center. I retired early from FDA because I always wanted to do something else with my life. The bowling business has been fun and very challenging, it's a difficult endeavor to say the least!

How do you spend your time now?

Mostly golf and bowling. I enjoy cooking too. I may be the only guy to have notched a hole in one in golf but had to record a 4 on my scorecard: I was playing a match on a par 3, hit my first shot to the right of the green where there was an out of bounds so since I couldn't see where the ball ended up from the tee, I hit what is known as a provisional shot and, low and behold, it rolled right into the cup! Unfortunately, when I went down to the green I found my first ball, it hadn't gone out of bounds so I had to play it. It was behind a tree so I chipped it on the green and then took two putts for a 4 that I had to record on my scorecard! I've been fortunate to have racked up 4 perfect 300 games in bowling, unfortunately I've also had five 299 games that all should have been 300's! What fun though, rolling that 12th ball is a feeling unlike any other!


Still golf, bowling and cooking. I really enjoy my homes in beautiful Hood River, OR and Bullhead City, AZ. Oh, and by the way, when I'm in Arizona, there are a bunch of casinos across the Colorado in Laughlin, NV that I have been known to frequent. Still haven't won the big gold pot at the end of the rainbow but it sure is fun!

Coming to the Reunion?


Where have you traveled?

Most states in the continental 48, Hawaii, Vietnam, Japan, Guam, Mexico, Canada.

Favorite High School Memory

Great football teams! Mr. Miller's chemistry and home room classes. The frosh golf team and getting the honor of playing at Indian Canyon golf course, a true national treasure.

Humorous experiences in High School you would like to share:

The first time I played a practice round of golf on the golf team as a Freshman with one of the top players he penalized me for teeing up in front of the markers on the tee box. He was right! I've never forgotten that one. I had an illustrious career on the golf team, played one match, won one match, 1,000 %, went undefeated! By the sophomore year rolled around I was so deeply involved with bowling that I gave up the golf team. That's something I wish I hadn't done as I've continued to enjoy golf all my life and even though I've never been blessed with a good short game, I still sneak into the 70's. I could have helped those Tiger teams.

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