Thomas Clayton

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Thomas Clayton
Residing At: Yakima, WA USA
Spouse/Partner: Gini Clayton 49 years
Children: Shelby 1973 Sean 1975
Occupation: (Retired) Mental Health Counselor
Military Service: Army National Guard  
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Quinlan Alexander Sailer February 2017



Other Service

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Previous school:


Other Schooling:

BA Education Central WA State College
MS Counseling Psychology Central WA

School Story:

Had lots of fun with Glen Clonniger (cars and girl talk) as well as Cathy Costinno (sp) & Mary Cromwell (flirting--as best I knew how to at that time!)

What have you been doing the last 10 years?

Celebrating every day of life!, volunteer work, philanthropy, socially responsible investing (SO rewarding!), eclectic reading, workshops (attending and presenting) having lots of fun with Friends & Family & Life in general, running, hiking, road biking, water & XC skiing, playing with high performance cars to include high performance driving school and track days, men's work, spiritual practices (to include my gratitude practice), limited travel, contemplating what I want to do when I grow up (or if I even want to!), recapturing my inner child to include art work and singing, being curious and a student of Mystery, fundraising for various organizations (to include several 200 mile bike rides), catching people doing things well and making a very big deal of it (one of my real passions and something I'm proud to say I've gotten very good at), learning from young people (fantastic teachers), practicing humility, meeting new people through countless avenues of Life, wondering A Lot!, studying and practicing the fine art of slowing down and enjoying as many moments of Life as I'm able, Paying It Forward, practicing being proud of myself and my Life, serving on boards and committees of non-profits and Lots Lots Lots more!

How do you spend your time now?

Doing pretty much all of the above. Current passions and practices that are most important are philanthropy, men's work, spiritual practice, continuing education (currently attending the Nine Gates Mystery school where I have recently completed the first of two, 9 day sessions in southern California), practicing how to unplug and minimize the presence and use of technology (quite challenging but oh so satisfying and rewarding!), making conscious choices daily as to how I can contribute to helping usher in a new consciousness that will help birth a humane sustainable world that works for ALL, leadership activities with Illuman (an international organization that sponsors men's growth experiences and education helping the organization to expand their outreach and networking capabilities--very exciting!), & Lots Lots Lots more.


My Life, as described above, is pretty much my hobby. Work, play, pleasure, service, contribution, lifetime education, recreation...have 'leaky margins' for me in that the delineations and categories are not all that meaningful anymore; it's all part of the glorious gift and blessing of Life!

Coming to the Reunion?


Where have you traveled?

No international travel. Travel is not a priority for Gini and me. We have done some travel throughout the US--CA, NM, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, some of the east coast and southern states and a fair number of the glorious national parks. One of my more memorable trips was doing a very good friend a 'favor' by flying (all expenses paid) to Charlotte, NC, and driving home cross country to deliver the Porsche 928 he purchased online. Talk about fun!! Some other favorite trips:
-A yearly trip to Seeley Lake, MT, where our son and I spend a relaxing yet active week enjoying the extraordinary beauty and recreational opportunities of that area.
-A number of magical trips to Hawaii where I got our daughter all to myself. Talk about heaven!

Favorite High School Memory

Graduation!! To be honest, HS was not a particularly satisfying and enjoyable experience for me. I did very much enjoy some wonderful friendships but was not a joiner, athlete, scholar, leader, and even though I formed some wonderful bonds with fellow students I did not really begin to come into my own, shine, flourish, and really begin to develop my potential until undergraduate, graduate, post graduate and really beginning to embrace Life as a husband, father, professional, philanthropist, volunteer, leader and deeply embracing my spiritual identity.

Humorous experiences in High School you would like to share:

As per above, not a lot of those kind of memories. Probably the closest to that would be the warm feelings I carry for the very special friendships I was blessed with at Lewis and Clark. It's almost like that in spite of myself and the difficulties I endured, I was blessed with special memories that last and comfort me for a lifetime. Sort of heavy but the truth. Good therapy for me to relive this!

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